Why we do what we do

Welcome to Mind & Body Day Spa. We’ve created what we consider to be the perfect, results oriented Spa for you. Our expert staff is trained to give you what you really want and need during each visit: Results & Relaxation. At Mind & Body, there’s no ‘fluff’, no pretentious attitudes, and we’ll never make you feel like you’re being ‘processed’. What you will find is warm hospitality and amazing results that will help make you look your best, feel wonderful, and provide you with a much-needed escape from everyday life.
There are a few other approaches to Spa that you’ll find different with us. For one, we offer the industry’s first Spa Lifestyle Membership. The membership allows you to receive the most popular spa services like massages and facials at surprisingly affordable prices. More importantly, it helps enhance your life and health by making these services part of your regular routine, not just for special occasions. The Spa Membership is completely customizable to fit your lifestyle and is available for personal as well as Corporate accounts. Just call or email us for more details.

Parties & Events

We don’t just specialize in these… we live for them! Our spa directors personally handle your events, including full concierge services for bridal parties, business outings, Sunday Brunch spa events, and much more. We can set up food, drink, limousine service, flowers, or just about any other special requests that you may have. For larger groups, we close down the spa to the general public and it becomes a real party to remember! What a great way to celebrate something special, or to impress out-of-town clients! Try it once with your group and you’ll never go back to the ordinary!