Arnica Muscle Relief Massage

Begin with an Arnica muscle relief massage that helps revitalize the entire body and relieve achy muscles. Arnica and Calendula combine to restore tired legs and feet while Reflexology techniques provide a boost in circulation (and even more relaxation). You’ll be floating away refreshed, uplifted, and ready to tackle life!

$85 / 60 min, $125 / 90 min

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Body Melt Treatment

Includes Choice of Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Prenatal) + Aromatherapy Scalp Massage + Reflexology Upgrade. It’s the true mini-vacation you deserve for yourself any day of the week!

$145 / 75 min

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Swedish Massage

This classic relaxation massage enhances circulation, soothes tired muscles, improves your body’s overall tone, and releases stored up stress and tension.

$80 / 60 min, $115 / 90 min

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Deep Tissue / Athletic Massage

This massage uses a therapeutic technique that releases specific areas of tension within the muscular system. Slow strokes and deep finger pressure are used to alleviate soreness and keep muscles supple.

$85 / 60 min, $125 / 90 min

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Japanese Hot Stone Massage

Warmed stones, nutrient rich oils, and a specific massage technique combine to balance the body’s energy and increase lymphatic circulation for better health.

$100 / 60 min, $140 / 90 min

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M & B Customized Massage

This massage incorporates a mood-customized essential oil calming ritual to promote deep relaxation, tension relief, improved circulation and overall wellness. Allows you to genuinely refresh both body and mind!

$90 / 60 min, $130 / 90 min

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Prenatal Massage

Once past your first trimester, this massage can help relieve lower back, leg and foot pain caused by the changes in body structure and the retention of fluid due to pregnancy. For the safety of your baby, and your peace of mind, we request a doctor’s note before the start of treatment.

$90 / 60 min

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This ancient Ayurvedic therapy is designed to calm the mind and body. A special blend of essential oils is slowly poured across the forehead and into the scalp – reducing tension, enhancing circulation, nourishing the hair and scalp. The scalp is then massaged, using a combination of shiatsu and acupressure techniques. Do as a stand-alone service or as an Add-On to any massage.

$65 / 30 min

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This massage has its roots in antiquity and uses pressure points on the foot to stimulate specific areas of the body. The benefits of this treatment are felt deeply and immediately. Wonderful by itself or as an add-on to most massages.

$75 / 45 Min, $35 Massage Add-on

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Steam Capsule Enhancement

Highly recommended to deepen your relaxation and loosen your muscles, our revolutionary Steam Capsule will truly enhance your massage experience the benefits derived from it.

$25 Add-on

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Hot Stone Foot Treatment

Awaken weary feet and stimulate the senses with our most popular add-on. This foot therapy includes a massage with our tension relieving oil before hot stones are placed between the toes. Your feet are treated to a sugar scrub and mineral salt compresses designed to chase away tension before they are enveloped in a luxurious body butter.

$35 Add-on

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Anti-Aging Hand Treatment

Turn back the clock with this luxurious hand treatment. A sugar scrub packed with healing extracts sloughs off the top layer of skin cells. Your hands are compressed with our soothing mineral salt compress and massaged with our skin plumping body butter.

$30 Add-on

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