Start with a 1 hour Japanese Hot Stone Massage, followed by an Anti-Aging Hand Treatment and a Hot Stone Foot Treatment.


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Your journey begins with a 1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage along with a luxurious Hot Stone Foot Treatment. Then, you’ll see your esthetician and veg out to our Eminence Organic Facial followed by an Anti-Aging Hand Treatment for the finale. You’ll walk away with love, peace, and an amazing glow!


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New You

Get away from it all with deep relaxation and amazing skin! We start your bliss with a Body Melt Massage with Reflexology, helping to relax your body & mind. Then it’s off to your amazing esthetician for a Diamond Dermabrasion to prepare your skin for our advanced Hydrafacial Treatment. Then, we repeat the process for your hands, which always need some extra TLC. Now you’ll be ready to walk away lookin’ good, feelin’ new!


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This is the ‘triple threat’ of perfect pampering! Begin with a Fiji Body Treatment to relax, open up your pores, and exfoliate. Continue to Step 2: Deep Tissue Massage with a heavenly Hot Stone Foot Treatment. You feel the ‘aaah!’ just reading this don’t you? Now, let’s finish with an Eminence Organic Facial and an Anti-Aging Hand Rejuvenation. You will now truly glow all over and have that perfect ‘post-vacation’ well rested look!


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La La Land

Your day begins with a Thalassotherapy bath and steam to open your pores preparing your body for the Marine Clay Wrap that follows. While wrapped, you will receive a 30 minute Shirodara treatment. After rinsing off under the calming rains of our Vichy shower you will be treated to an Aromatherapy Body Massage with an Anti-Aging Hand Rejuvenation and a Hot Stone Foot Treatment. This is the ‘real’ Mind Therapy so perhaps have somebody drive you home so you can hold on to your ‘zombie state’ a while longer!


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